There are numerous reasons to rent. If you attend one or two tradeshows a year, renting may be the logical choice. It's cost effective and there are no future storage or maintenance costs to worry about. Skyline will rent one component or an entire display in order to make sense to you and your budget.

Benefits of renting:

  • Lower upfront cost can help you achieve your trade show marketing goals on a tight budget.

  • An opportunity for a new trade show marketing program to test trade shows and determine which provide the best ROI.

  • An opportunity to determine if a particular booth layout will be effective for presenting your company and demonstrating your product or service.

  • Great for one-time or limited use requirements such as overlapping or back-to-back trade shows.

  • Rental displays can often be customized to your requirements.

  • You are not responsible for long term storage, maintenance, or inventory management costs of rental displays.