There are as many ways to cut your exhibit cost, as there are to skin an exhibit. Here are four ways Trucolour can help you.

1. Go modular. Compared to traditional custom exhibits, the cost for shipping and installing/dismantling modular exhibits is considerably less. Modulars are typically lighter, pack smaller and set up faster - features that add up to hefty savings.

2. Consider renting. If you are attending one or two shows per year, renting could be an economical route to take. If you're out to make a statement you can rent a more spectacular exhibit for much less than you can buy. Renting can also be a cost-effective means to change your exhibit every year.

3. Go portable. In a 10-foot booth space, a portable exhibit is often the best choice. These exhibits are usually inexpensive to buy and ship, and they can be set up by almost anyone on your staff (most halls allow it if it can be done in under 30 minutes), thus eliminating installation and dismantling charges.

4. Buy a reconditioned exhibit. Some exhibit builders, including Trucolour, offer a variety of used exhibits. Explore your options. If you are flexible on design, you can take advantage of a limited selection and save anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent of the cost of building new.