There are four different types of booth spaces where you can set up shop at a trade show:

Table Top: A six or eight foot wide space that has a table supplied by the show organizer that a three to five foot tall display sits on. Some shows only offer tabletop spaces to their exhibitors.

Backwall or Inline: Most exhibitors. A ten-foot deep by ten-foot wide, or wider booth space. About two-thirds of all exhibitors at the average trade show are in a 10 foot by 10 foot space, and another 18 percent are in a 10 foot by 20 foot or 10 foot by 30 foot space. Backwall displays are limited to 8 foot high, but if it is on the perimeter of the show hall you may be able to go 12 feet tall.

Island: An exhibit that is exposed on all sides to an aisle. Starts with a 20 foot by 20 foot space, can go up to thousands of square feet. Usually, the bigger the show, the bigger the island spaces. Exhibitors can go up to 16 feet or taller depending on the show or with permission from the show.

Peninsula: Fairly rare. Similar to an island booth space, but with aisles on only three sides, with one side shared with another exhibitor or a wall.

There are three types of exhibit structures you can put in those booth spaces. And you can purchase or rent any of them:

Portable displays: Displays designed to be lightweight, pack very small and be either carried or rolled in by the exhibitor. The smaller the space, the more likely an exhibitor will use a portable exhibit. Common types of portable displays are pop-ups, banner stands, and some panel systems.

Modular exhibits: Exhibits constructed with pre-engineered, integrated components that create a tailored design solution. More sophisticated architecturally and stronger structurally than portable displays. While designed to be lighter weight than a traditional custom exhibit, they can ship in crates rather than cases. Common types include truss systems, larger-sized panel systems, and more.

Custom exhibits: Exhibits made from scratch to the specific requirements of the exhibitor. Can be made with metal, wood, plexiglass, or any other material.